A regular slideshow is .50 per photo (no photo on DVD or CD).
A Custom slideshow is .50 per photo plus $20.00 which includes a printed photo on your DVD or CD.
Ask me about Quantity Discounts.
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Digital Photos for Slideshows $.35 per
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Scanned prints and slides
for Slideshows $.50 per
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VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and Hi-8 tapes to DVD $20.00 per tape.
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Memorial DVDs with
Music, photo and title
$20.00 per copy.
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Mini DV & Digital 8 to Movie format $30.00 per tape.
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(video) Flash memory to Movie
format $1.00 per minute. Or $30

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DVD & CD copies $5.00.
DVD & CD copies with photo $20.00.
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Video taping $60.00
per hour.