Media Transfer
I highly recommend transferring Video tapes to DVD. Upgrade your old Media from Analog to Digital. Video tape deteriorates over time. Transfer them now and enjoy them for years to come.
With VHS tapes and other magnetic-recorded media, there is no definitive time-line for when the tape will "die" or cease playing in a VCR, In fact, most tapes recorded from back in the 80's still play without any major issues, although many do exhibit color damage and other detrimental effects. When VHS tapes were first available to the public, they were given a conservative range of about 10-25 years of life before they would stop working. If this is truly the case, then nearly all videos recorded in the 80's that haven't been transferred to DVD would be lost at this point.
If you've captured Video on your Camcorder, Memory cards or Flash drive call me and I'll download those precious memories to DVDs.
Below is a list of Tapes and Memory Cards that I transfer to DVDs.
...VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini DV, SD Cards and Flash Drives.
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